"Time flies when you love what you do!" Abiola Akinyemi

"The encouragement and support I have gotten from the Leadership and our fantastic teams motivate me."

"Time flies when you love what you do!" Abiola Akinyemi

Abiola Akinyemi
08 June 2023

As an IDP IELTS Test Centre Administrator, Abiola ensures seamless IELTS test taking experiences for global learners.

“It is mind-boggling how swift time flies. I've already completed over one year in the IDP IELTS Department!

As an IELTS Test Centre Administrator, my duties include client management, operations management, project service enhancement, test administration quality and integrity, customer service, and business administration.  It is an all-encompassing responsibility with an unending potential for development.

This past year, I have been challenged with various responsibilities and given the opportunity to learn, develop, grow, and contribute significantly to the growth of our organisation both locally and globally. 

I still remember when I joined IDP, we were all excited and set to launch a Test Centre and IDP DTU in Nigeria. What a year it's been!

Looking back, some core IDP values that have really stood out to me in my IDP journey so far are community and care.

The amazing people connection; encouragement and support I have gotten from leadership and our fantastic team members; the fresh experiences and opportunities that go hand in hand with my role - have all played a key role in keeping me motivated and in giving me a sense of fulfilment and excitement every day.

Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a new assignment, which is simply incredible! It bestows an amazing sensation of accomplishment. I feel appreciated when my efforts are acknowledged, praised, and rewarded by the IDP team.

Overall - I look forward to growing and reaching new heights at IDP!

Want to join our team and grow with us? Start by looking at our career pages for opportunities.”- Abiola Akinyemi, IELTS Test Centre Administrator, IDP Nigeria 

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