The IDP Fastlane Client Enablement Team on making customers' global ambitions come true in minutes

"We all love going the extra mile for client and customer support and giving life to IDP’s vision of enabling global dreams to come true. We walk with our customers and clients every step of the way. " - The IDP Fastlane Client Enablement Team

The IDP Fastlane Client Enablement Team on making customers' global ambitions come true in minutes

IDP Education
11 November 2022

The IDP Fastlane product is one among the latest innovations made by IDP to help solve one of our customers’ biggest pain points, the weeks and weeks of time spent waiting to hear back from universities abroad on application.  

And recently, we spoke to the team based out of the IDP Digital Campus, Chennai who help customers and train our clients to handle and make best use of the product. 

Jayanthi Kumaran – Manager, Client Enablement, Digital Products shares her experience leading the Fastlane Client Enablement team: 

“I’m so glad I returned to IDP. My journey with IDP initially began in the year 2009 (the Hotcourses world). I am excited to be back with IDP as Manager of the Fastlane Client Enablement team.  

My team handles the game changing IDP FastLane product that drastically reduces the timeline it takes for study abroad aspirants to get an offer (in principle) from universities from around the world - from weeks to minutes literally, through an amazing well thought out and designed system.  

I’ve always been passionate about building client relationships and now I take every day as an opportunity to equip myself to best address client needs and foster a positive experience. And this is the kind of passion that every one of us in the FastLane Client Enablement team share. 

It’s no wonder the team has been able to build their knowledge on the product, process and build a trusted relationship with university partners in such a short window of time. We really love what we do. 

It’s been amazing working with such a dynamic and talented team. We all love going the extra mile for client and customer support and giving life to IDP’s vision of enabling global dreams to come true. We walk with our customers and clients every step of the way. 

I’m proud to say that the team have been able to help onboard 60 universities from around the world in just a few months of launching the product into the market. Given that this is a pilot project– this journey has been a challenging and amazing learning process for us. 

But we are not just your regular run of the mill client care, we are involved in so much more.   

After just a few months into the process – we also began: 

  • working closely with the Engineering team to provide suggestions for product enhancements  

  • identifying room for automation to help make things easier for clients 

  • acting as the voice of our clients and escalating their issues to the product team 

  • participating in IDP in person events to understand and be in line with our customer wants and needs  

  • providing comprehensive support to student counsellors handling the product while helping students get offers from universities 

We are driven by the fact that we are making such a huge difference to our customers’ lives and to our partner universities. The smiles on their faces and the notes of appreciation we receive from universities and internal stakeholders say it all really. This is all the motivation the team and I could ever need

To add to this - having exposure to various sides of our business gives our team members scope to grow into many other roles within the vast digital scope that IDP has. One of our team members was in fact promoted recently in to another one of our growing teams internally, and we were thrilled!”


Here is what some of the Fastlane Client Enablement team had to say about what they love the most about their work: 

Sujitha R, Senior Client Account Manager: “What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to meet and interact with so many new people – every day brings about a brand-new experience. And the thought that we play a teeny tiny role in a student’s future is the cherry on top of the cake!” 

Cassandra Muriel Cunningham, Client Account Manager: ”I love how our teamwork plays a huge role in the smooth delivery of the service. Like for example - I remember how for Newcastle University, we accomplished a go-live deadline of 4 days as a team! No easy feat. The sky is the limit for how far we can go together as a team😊!” 

Geeth Priya Suresh, Senior Client Account Manager: “I love the spotlight. When clients like Loughborough University share their happy feedback and speak about this process to fellow universities, it feels very overwhelming to be part of this team. And the surprised look on students’ faces with the offer in-principle they receive from the university within 15 minutes (and a full offer in 1-2 weeks) pushes me to strive harder and harder!” 

Deepa Ramaswamy, Lead Data Quality Analyst: “Wohoo! How great is it that we already have testimonials from world renowned universities such as the University of Wollongong and the University of Kent – who were very happy with our team’s service and guidance.” 

Suganya D, Data Quality Analyst: “Through my work, I also have the opportunity to interact with our counsellors and help find solutions for challenges. This helps me gain process level exposure. Our timely responses and quick problem-solving techniques allow our counsellors to action easily and generate more student applications.” 

Nagalakshmi K, Data Quality Analyst: “I am very happy to have recently joined this team! Supportive colleagues, total freedom and learning new things every day – all very motivating. 

I enjoy the exposure when I sit in meetings with the team, each member sharing what they’ve achieved yesterday and what they plan to do today. It’s a great and pleasant way to start the day. 

As a Data Analyst, I feel thrilled when the team and clients appreciate the effort, accuracy, and quality that we put in - designed to multiply efficiency and save time.” 

Sanjana G Lakshmi, Client Account Manager: “My journey with this team has been magnificent. I will always treasure the work and interactions I had with Humber College, being my first Canadian client.  I was delighted to describe how Fastlane can fulfil a student’s dream 2-3 times faster than others. I can still recollect the excitement I saw in their faces post the demo call. It was an overall WOW experience and gave me so much space to learn.” 

Lavanya V, Senior Client Account Manager: “It's been over a year since I joined IDP post the British Council IELTS take over and transition. I love the kind of warmth and support that I have received. No wonder IDP is Great Place to Work certified, because it is. 

The thought, innovation, effort, and technology that has gone into building this product amazes me. I am thrilled that I am a part of this team, creating an impact on every student’s international education dream.” 

Thank you for sharing your stories with us – Jayanthi and team. And this… is just the beginning. 

There is so much more innovation that the world can expect from the IDP team overall. But always with the customer at the heart of everything we do. 

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