Kavita Diwaker, Talent Acquisition Lead, talks about her purpose driven journey at IDP!

"A culture of trust, equity, and openness at IDP makes it energising to work and inspires one to give their best!"

Kavita Diwaker, Talent Acquisition Lead, talks about her purpose driven journey at IDP!

Kavita Diwaker
16 December 2022

“IDP’s vision of supporting its customers meets my passion in supporting people in achieving their ambitions. The joy of seeing them thrive gives me a sense of fulfilment that drives me to grow with purpose,which is aligned with IDP’s theme this year - ‘Making Global Success Personal’. 

I believe that we are all tied back to a purpose that drives and inspires us to achieve our dreams. For me it has always been about being there for and with my family. Life gives us lemons and oranges and we have those conflicting decisions to make that are linked to our purpose. As women, we tend to be more biologically inclined to lean to family needs and hence my search for an employer had a couple of points to be check listed. A global organisation, culture and values, purposeful work, diversity, equity, and flexibility ranked high in my list. 

When I found out about IDP and when the core values of the organization aligned with mine, I applied, and was honoured to be selected! So here I am at IDP Education, counting to 4 years, enjoying my role and the challenges coming my way!   

I work on an offshore model supporting Business leaders across the globe. A culture of trust, equity, and openness at IDP makes it energising to work and inspires one to give their best! 

I enjoy being challenged, mentored, and taking up learning for development as I work side by side with global counterparts to a common goal, and that’s the best part of my job - it’s novelty and breadth! Often, being part of new programs of work has called for unlearning and relearning. I feel valued and included when my ideas are considered and being able to participate in global programs.  

I pride myself as being strong in spirit, deep in character and comfortable being my authentic self. I love interacting with people and am a pet lover, particularly dogs! Practicing yoga helps me stay calm and mindful of my thoughts and actions.       

 My role aligns well with my purpose and values. Over the years it has widened, enabling me to extend my comfort zone with the freedom to innovate amidst flexibility to cover family and personal needs. There is a sense of belonging in my team, we have lots of fun and are not afraid to fail because we have each other’s back! Fun, laughter, deep dive sessions and hackathons.... that’s a sneak peek into our way of working at IDP. We celebrate together and take pride in our contribution and wins!   

It's equally important to showcase the "humane" value as being professional. We are remembered for how we make others feel, particularly during times of need. It is an effort and adds value to their journey and creates a sense of belonging. During the recent pandemic, IDP continued to care for its team as members of a family, keeping them engaged, caring and supporting with policies that focused on wellbeing. On the rebound we came together as an enabled and efficient team to take on challenges. We had some incredibly open sessions with our leaders where we checked in on one another and what stood out was really the transparency, simplicity, and humility - no better evidence of the underlying culture. 

At IDP there is a lot of focus on our enablement and support, which is reflected in the experiences of its people. Caring, integrity, honesty and inclusivity are weaved into our ways of work, and you can see it reflecting in our people stories as well. 

We’d love for you to know what our teams across the globe have experienced, be inspired through what we do and make a discerning choice to join our IDP family. We’d love to take the journey with you.” - Kavita Diwaker, Talent Acquisition Lead, Corporate and Australasia.