What our Nigeria team members love about IDP

Team members at the IDP Nigeria Office share with us what they do to help IDP accomplish business goals and why working at IDP matters to them

What our Nigeria team members love about IDP

IDP Education
07 July 2022

Meet some of our IDP Nigeria team members as they speak of what they do to bring value and open up about why they love what they do here at IDP!

Elizabeth Idunoba

Education Counsellor for Australia and New Zealand

“I help in supporting students by counselling, guiding, assisting and providing all required information needed to enable them to make an informed decision in their academic journey and their quest towards fulfilling their career aspirations.

What excites me about my role as an educational counsellor is that moment I see my students achieve their academic goals and aspirations from the information and guidance I’ve provided. Working at IDP is exciting for me as the culture is people focused. IDP is very keen on providing a workplace where I can thrive.”

Okechukwu Adum

Digital Advertising Specialist

“Here’s why I’ve always been excited to work as a digital advertiser - I get to bring businesses and customers together while growing revenue and profit for the businesses, and satisfaction for the customers, which in turn builds loyalty.

If you ask ten Nigerian undergraduates, "Would you like to pursue a degree outside Nigeria?" Nine out of ten will reply, "Yes!” And the same goes for graduates aspiring to further their education. But the challenge they face is not knowing where to begin, and where to find valuable information and genuine guidance to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. I bridge this gap by supporting them with relevant personalized ads that direct them to IDP's helpful resources and guidance - everything they need to know to be able to achieve their study dreams from start to finish.

Working with IDP gives me that platform to build further on my experience, venture deeper into the education and migration vertical, and learn more as I work with other experts from many other IDP teams globally.”

Odianosen Iseyare

Marketing Operations Manager

I provide strategic direction for the marketing team in Nigeria to nurture valuable leads from organic/paid marketing channels through the buyer journey.

The goal is to provide a memorable experience for students across all our touchpoints that exceeds their expectations thereby making them advocates of the IDP brand.

What excites me the most about working at IDP is the unique opportunity to contribute to the organisation’s sales pipeline and demonstrate a return on investment through all our marketing activities.”

Chioma Ejekam

Social Media Specialist

“I create meaningful and relevant content to inform, educate and engage students. I respond to their queries, concerns and provide a channel for recommendations to help us improve our services and remain a market leader.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work in the education sector and be a part of a team that will drive increased market penetration for the organisation.”

Abiola Akinyemi

Test Center Administrator

“I help students sit for the IELTS test in Nigeria and enjoy a good test taking experience.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help thousands and thousands of people achieve their goal of relocating/ studying abroad through IELTS.

Olalounpe Olayode

Education Counsellor for the UK and Ireland

“As a counsellor, students come first. I support students by giving them a delightful experience from when they get in touch with me all the way through to the point where they are well settled in their study destination. I provide professional guidance to the students by connecting them with the right course in the right institutions based on their preferences.

What excites me the most about walking into work every day is how extremely warm, smart and supportive the IDP team is!”

Victoria Adedeji- Abayomi

Call Centre Team Lead

“I offer an exceptional customer service experience by ensuring detailed information of students are captured accurately on our CRM tool and aligning students with the relevant education counsellors to help complete their process.

I’m excited about being an integral part of the business to ensure dreams of students come true.”

We are sure our Nigeria team will go on to achieve amazing accomplishments! Thank you for your dedication and support with our operations in Nigeria.

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