Ysavellah Marie Velasco (Ysel), Education Counsellor, Manila - talks about life at IDP

"There are so many opportunities to learn at IDP, and they really keep us motivated. In our challenges, we are guided. And in our successes, we are recognized. “

Ysavellah Marie Velasco (Ysel), Education Counsellor, Manila - talks about life at IDP

Ysavellah Marie Velasco
23 August 2022

I love the clarity of my goal and my job - it’s to help students reach their dreams of studying abroad. I use this as my mantra to be able to execute what I need to properly. I always want to make sure that my students feel like they’re in good hands, and that they know that as their counsellor, I will always be here to support them – even up until they’re leaving for Canada! I’m very proud of myself for being so passionate in this job because I find so much joy in what I do.  

I also love how IDP is my safe zone. Everyone is always supportive and encouraging when it comes to improving and developing ourselves professionally and personally. There are so many opportunities to learn, and they really keep us motivated. In our challenges, we are guided. And in our successes, we are recognized.  

I’m very grateful to IDP for helping me know myself deeper and making me realize that I am capable to lead and go above and beyond all the time.  

I love how my manager motivates me and challenges my capabilities, by giving me the right opportunities and best feedback that helps me introspect, making me want to always do better. I love my team and the entire IDP team in Manila. I joined IDP over a year ago as a counsellor and have gained a wealth of knowledge. We started off as a team of four new counsellors in 2021 and have grown into the larger team that we are now. I used to be shy when I started off working here (although I’m talkative!). Now I’ve made so many friends and, on my way, to taking up team leading opportunities. It feels good to share the knowledge I’ve gained and to be able to motivate my team to excel. 

It also feels empowering to know that I am being properly guided by not just my manager but the entire leadership team I work with. 

As much as we all work hard together, we are also encouraged to rest and recharge. The leadership team here truly care for their people and empower us, helping us reach our full potential personally and professionally. The leaders are very authentic, transparent and guide us clearly keeping in mind our goals and challenges. This gives me clarity about what I need to do and what skills I need to learn to contribute to the growth of the organization. 

At IDP, experience or tenure is not the only criteria considered for growth. Exciting and challenging opportunities are provided based on capabilities. There are regular trainings and team building activities, that give us a chance to upskill and build a good relationship with our team members. 

Being an education counsellor doesn’t feel like a job. It comes naturally to me. I truly love that at the end of the day when I do my job well, it isn’t just a student that I am helping in achieving their global aspirations, but also fulfilling the dreams of their loved ones by doing so. The sense of fulfillment that I get when I talk to their family members cannot be explained.  

My previous experience wasn’t in the education sector, however when I saw an opportunity for an IDP education counsellor, I immediately knew that I would enjoy the job. I am a people person and very friendly. If you leave me alone in a place without any friends, one can rest assured that I would head back with at least two new friends. I love that my role enables me to network and make new friends, be it students I meet from different parts of the world or be it the representatives I meet from our partner universities. I also truly enjoy being a part of education fairs and events here. 

As an education counsellor, one has to be supportive and help students even when there have been visa refusals or university rejections, and give them a whole new perspective of getting back on track with a plan B. One must also be able to provide a wider and broader perspective on everything that both the customers and clients need to know. 

Right now, I am really excited and looking forward to gearing up for the next adventure in my journey at IDP. It was during my annual review that I realized I made it more than 100%. I realized how capable I am. When I started, although I knew I’d enjoy the job, I was slightly doubtful if I would meet all the requirements and if I would be able to learn all the skills required to be an excellent education counsellor, but the review truly helped me understand my capabilities. It felt so fulfilling to look back at my journey and achievements. 

At IDP, success of one counsellor is the success of the entire team. Everyone is always willing to support and lend a helping hand enabling others to succeed. 

Here success is not just about numbers and targets. It is about how we are able to help our students achieve their global dreams and also how we help each other as a team, work hard to meet our KPIs and also have a lot of fun.” – Ysavellah Marie Velasco (Ysel), Education Counsellor, Manila 

Ysel is a big fan of BTS and loves spending quality time catching up with friends. She is deeply passionate about everything she does, and her enthusiasm is highly contagious. 

Thanks Ysel for sharing your experience about life at IDP. Keep being you, spreading happiness and joy to the people around you

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