Leading with Purpose! Agnes, passionately talks about her Leadership experiences at IDP!

"I am able to lead empathetically because I am led with empathy, kindness, genuine care, and concern."

Leading with Purpose! Agnes, passionately talks about her Leadership experiences at IDP!

Agnes Gupalor
12 September 2023

As the Area Manager, Agnes coaches and mentors her team of education counsellors to deliver outstanding customer and client experiences.

What makes IDP stand out as an employer is how much the organisation values its people and enables us to grow and develop our career and live a balanced life. I admire how diverse the workplace is. We have a very rich pool of talents who bring their expertise and knowledge to the table, along with different perspectives, ideas, and experiences, which results in impactful collaboration, synergy and engagement. 

When I said “yes” to IDP, it was an indication that I swore loyalty and commitment to the company and my duties & responsibilities as Cebu Office manager. I have extensive work experience, but previously, I worked in a different industry, and when I started at IDP 2 years and 5 months ago, I was very new to the education industry. During this time, I’ve gained immense knowledge and experience, and have been fortunate to have had several opportunities to use my skills and expertise effectively. 

I also love how IDP’s values are in alignment with my personal values. This enables me to be an effective team member & leader and contribute to the growth of the organisation, knowing fully well of the meaningful impact we have in the lives of people. 

The trust and confidence my leaders have in me empowers and enables me to pay it forward by leading and mentoring my team effectively. My leaders always find an opportunity to remind me that I am the right person for the role I play and ensure that I am fully equipped to be successful in my role. The trust that the Country Leadership Team and my team members have in me is incredibly special and always in my heart, and this is the reason I am able to move forward and excel in my role. 

For me to be successful, I always believe that communication must be two-way. My manager knows exactly how to support my professional growth and help me deliver excellent results. I am able to lead empathetically because I am led with empathy, kindness, genuine care, and concern. Also, it is a no-brainer that I am able to lead with confidence because my team believes, trusts, and allows me to guide, inspire and mentor them.  

I am so glad IDP has entrusted me with my team to care for, inspire and develop them to be their best in their respective roles and as individuals. I have now been promoted to Area Manager (effective July 2023) and my team has been expanded as well. I am embracing this wholeheartedly. To me, this is a milestone. I am really excited for this phase of my career at IDP. This gives me an opportunity to mold and develop leaders and contribute now to the future of IDP Philippines team. I am honoured and privileged to be part of this. 

Along with my promotion, we have also been able to promote 4 of my team members. I enjoy seeing my team bloom in their respective roles and be successful in it. I consider this as one of my memorable achievements as a Leader. I’d like to highlight Maya Angelou’s quote about success, which states “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” This resonates with me perfectly. I am able to connect this with my leadership experience at IDP.  

As the quote mentions, it is all about how we like ourselves first, to be able to support our team confidently, for them to be able to be successful in supporting our students. So, it is not just about my professional growth or my team members’ development, but also how we contribute to the success of our students and guide them to go after their global ambitions and dreams. It is like a positive domino effect of good deeds. You put in the work for you to be your best self, and confidently lead & help others to excel in what they do, which also enables them to pay it forward. This is what I believe is working with meaning, and I am glad I can practice that at IDP. 

Personally, I enjoy cooking, and especially during a day off I like to spend quality time experimenting and making delicious food. I also love watching movies. This may come as a surprise, but I love action movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible. I also enjoy reading inspiring books authored by Bruce Lee.” - Agnes Gupalor, Area Manager, Visayas and Mindanao in Philippines. 

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