Two female  IDP employees, Ushmi and Gemma have a casual conversation at their workplace.

It’s all about the people you work with

Ari Maidenberg, Digital Project Manager in the Digital Experience team, talks about the people he works with and why it matters.

It’s all about the people you work with

IDP Education
10 January 2022

OK, so I’ve been around the block long enough to realise that if you’ve got to spend the majority of your waking hours with people from whom you would rather be 6 or 7 suburbs away, you’re probably in the wrong place. There are those with whom you’ve got to walk on eggshells, some whom you just want to steer clear of, and some whom being merely in their presence makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and question the meaning of life. 

In the two years I’ve been here, not once have I met anyone at IDP remotely fitting any of those bills. At the risk of sounding trite, everyone I’ve met and worked with, both here in Melbourne and in our many offices across the world, has been knowledgeable, capable, supportive, and more than willing to chip in and lend a hand.   

If you’re someone who is friendly, likes to help out, and want to be a part of a great working environment, IDP is where it’s at.  (If you’re one of my previous colleagues who fits the categorisation of my first paragraph, sorry, we’re closed.) 

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