Eliza Wang, People Experience Supervisor, talks passionately about her enriching experiences at IDP!

"The learning and growth opportunities I have had at IDP are many. In all these 8 years, I have always been provided with various challenging opportunities that have enabled me to learn, develop and grow."

Eliza Wang, People Experience Supervisor, talks passionately about her enriching experiences at IDP!

Eliza Wang
21 February 2023

"My journey with IDP began 8 years ago (since October 2014 to be precise). I have always believed that a good organization is like a magnetic field – easily attracting top talent with all its goodness. For me, IDP is one such organization with its special charm and magic that makes its people feel like they are part of one big family.

At IDP, one’s abilities and dedication will always be seen, valued, and rewarded. When I first joined IDP, I had just about 4 years of headhunting experience. I was good at recruiting for middle and high-end job positions, but I was not familiar with internal recruitment. I had no experience in other modules of Human Resources as well, but my colleagues here at IDP were so thoughtful and kind – they shared knowledge and information without any reluctance, to help me get started and encouraged me to pursue my passion and interests at work. I find everyone at IDP to be so kind, efficient, creative, and energetic. It feels great to work with such people.

Taking up challenging opportunities did not just help me gain knowledge and satisfaction, but also empowered me to grow and enabled me to clearly understand my strengths and weaknesses. One of my strengths is that I am passionate about what I do. I always like to go the extra mile and excel in what I do. I undertook professional trainings, read books authored by experts in Human Resources, and took exams for national vocational qualifications in China – all of these helped me gain comprehensive knowledge about the People Experiences function.

At IDP, one is always empowered to grow professionally and personally. In all these 8 years, I have always been provided with various challenging opportunities that have enabled me to learn, develop and grow. Through the years, my job responsibilities have gradually expanded from recruitment to training, labor relations, culture, system projects and many other aspects. I do like challenges. All these opportunities and new learnings always keep me energized and make me feel like life is full of interesting challenges and possibilities. Every time I complete new tasks, I feel a great sense of achievement. All my hard work and efforts are always noticed and valued.

Since July 2018, I have had the opportunity to participate in various global projects, conferences, and activities due to the expansion of my job responsibilities. I joined IDP as a recruitment specialist, and in this process of learning, growing, and developing, my role has now upgraded to a People Experience (PX) Supervisor. It certainly feels great to look back and see all that I’ve achieved over the years and how my role expanded from working on regional projects in China to gradually working on global projects.

In November 2019, I had the opportunity to visit Chennai, India and participate in the global PX and finance conference as a representative of IDP China team. This meeting instilled a lot of inspiration in me and made me feel more deeply that IDP is a company that cares for its people and their experiences.

IDP’s inclusive culture, celebrating diversity and ensuring equality in recruitment and appraisal processes makes it a great place to work for, undoubtedly. In terms of corporate social responsibility, at IDP, we care for the communities that we work in, provide support for our team members who are victims of domestic violence, and take effective measures to protect our planet by reducing carbon emissions. I am always deeply touched by these things. At this time, I would think that if I were not at IDP, I may not have had the opportunity to learn great ideas or work with such excellent and lovely people who initiate and implement these ideas.

The learning and growth opportunities I have had at IDP are many. In 2020 and 2021, I was lucky to have won the Global English Learning Program and the Global Emerging Leadership Award successively. I also won the 10-week free English learning opportunity, the opportunity to study for 2 international certificates of Human Resources, and the opportunity to participate in the sessions and workshops conducted by the Global Leadership Team for 1.5 years. These are some valuable and enriching experiences that I will never forget in my whole career.

IDP as an organization always emphasizes and focuses on enabling and empowering its people. This is reflected in IDP’s theme as well this year - “Making global success personal”. At IDP, one can rest assured that they will be seen, valued, and heard. I recall an event from many years ago, when a global survey was sent to us, and in an online townhall meeting later, we were pleasantly surprised and happy to find out that the organizational strategy was enhanced by keeping in mind the feedback provided in the survey.

The leadership team at IDP always ensure that they foster a safe workplace where everyone feels included and celebrated. I fondly recall another event - during our graduation defense of the Global Emerging Leadership Program last year, I put forward some ideas, solutions, and suggestive experimental actions/recommendations. Later at a project meeting this year, I found that my proposal at that time was taken forward and was flagged in the “Discussion and Next Action” section of the project, which made me very excited.

All our people at IDP support each other, work together, achieve, and celebrate success together as a global team. Being part of IDP gives me a sense of belonging and makes me feel like I am part of a big family.

3 years ago, who would have thought that masks would become a necessity of life worldwide? When the epidemic was raging, the world was chaotic, everyone felt panicked, helpless, and unprepared. Some organizations had even closed during the pandemic, while some opted for large scale layoffs and salary reductions. I feel so proud to be part of an organization that chose to get through the difficult times without imposing any negative impacts on its people, but instead supported them.

During tough times, the China team even received masks from India team and medicines from Taiwan team. Within China, team members were sending medicines and food to each other, and some even volunteered in the community to help people around them. This is exactly why I love being part of IDP. Everyone at IDP is just so warm, kind, and thoughtful. When Delta was rampant, it was a sad fact that some of our colleagues left us forever. IDP initiated and established an internal fund to provide ongoing education support for the children of relevant colleagues.

Team members at IDP are always willing to lend a helping hand and support colleagues in need. In recent days following the earthquake that happened in Türkiye and Syria, in true IDP spirit many colleagues had reached out to the leadership team and were willing to offer support. In this regard, immediate actions were taken and IDP has worked with UNICEF and created a page for Syria and Türkiye earthquake appeal, to support fundraising for children and their families impacted by the recent earthquake. Being part of such an organization where one of the core values is “Caring”, which is reflected in the organization’s work culture and through all these initiatives - it will be hard for one to not love IDP.

Fun facts: I like to play intellectual games, specifically the ones where I need to solve a murder mystery or escape prison games. I also like to spend time reading and singing. I love nature (plants, animals, beach, sea) and I also enjoy travelling and photography.

I strongly believe and agree with the idea of creating a “Community with a shared future for mankind” and hope that everyone loves the earth, spreading love and joy to the people around. I hope for peace to prevail in the world and that everyone is healthy, happy, and rewarded for all their efforts." - Eliza Wang, People Experience Talent Acquisition & Learning Supervisor in Shanghai, China