Abhishek, Akash, and Sree Varshini passionately share how IDP has helped in their smooth transition from student life to work life.

“From helping me find the right university to the right job for me – IDP has played a big role in my growth journey and I’ve loved every part of it!”

Abhishek, Akash, and Sree Varshini passionately share how IDP has helped in their smooth transition from student life to work life.

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12 August 2022

This International Youth Day, we celebrate some of the inspiring young people who we have been fortunate enough to support along their education, career, and life journeys.

Meet three of our team members who have begun their journeys fresh out of college with us as interns.

Meet Abhishek Anand, our data scientist based out of the Melbourne office - who also loves gaming, trying different cuisines, cooking, and programming – passionately shares with us his interesting journey with IDP. 

“From helping me find the right university to the right job for me – IDP has played a big role in my growth journey and I’ve loved every part of it! 

My IDP story began when I was a student. I was able to make my way into my dream university abroad with the help of IDP. 

And when I was fresh out of university last year, I had the amazing opportunity to join IDP as an intern – which in turn has grown into a full-time opportunity!  

Given that I walked in with no experience, what really helped me the most was how the IDP team is always so approachable. I have always been able to ask them any kind of question I needed to as I initially learnt and continue to learn many things. One of the most valuable things I have learned from my team as I worked with them - is how to apply my skills efficiently and effectively.  

My manager, Stuart Nickols is especially supportive of me taking up learning during work hours, he encourages me to develop my knowledge, and this helps me maximise my performance and has been phenomenally helpful in my journey. 

What I love about IDP is the work culture -how friendly everyone is. I feel no kind of corporate hierarchy. And given that I joined during the height of the pandemic, the kind of connection I felt with the team mattered given that lockdowns were at its peak. The flexibility we enjoy also plays a big factor in helping me deliver my best. 

What excites me the most is that we are at the start of many amazing things with data science at IDP that I am able to contribute to hands on. And how my ideas are always considered, and I feel heard – something that is truly important to me. “ 

Meet Akash Rajesh, an intern from the IDP Digital Campus Chennai - also an origami enthusiast currently perfecting his Origami skills. And a hardcore mutton Biryani lover, a popular south Indian dish –which he loves not just eating but cooking on weekends!  

Akash opens up about his IDP story, “IDP came into my life when the IDP Digital Campus came to our college campus for placements. And what really got me hooked onto IDP was this one pre-placement call that I had the opportunity to attend. 

With around 100 students all around me, I listened and watched the IDP DC team members and leaders share a glimpse of what working at IDP would be like. What spoke to me was that IDP is a place that is open to creativity and is always looking to innovate and would be open to receiving new ideas from everyone.  

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, since I had another offer at hand, my college did not let me attend the placement test as it has a strict one-offer policy. You can’t attend placement tests or interviews if you’ve already received a job offer from another organisation. 

But this did not stop me. A little voice inside me kept telling me that IDP was the right choice for me. 

So one day, on seeing an opening for the Digital Campus, I jumped at the opportunity, applied, and was given the job offer! 

I dropped all other offers I had at hand without a single moment of hesitation and joined IDP. And IDP has lived up to my expectations and gone above and beyond in helping me transition smoothly from student life to work life. On joining the IDP team, I was assigned a mentor who gave me practical tips and nudged me to explore creative out of the box thinking to learn more. This kind of personalised attention helped me hit the ground running. I was even able to shadow my mentor and gain much value from it.  

Currently, I am working on 2 projects and I enjoy interacting with people as part of my role as a Business Analyst as well as learning new things. 

What I love the most is this sense of belonging that I feel being a part of the IDP team. I’ve never had Monday blues – or ever wanted to miss a single day at work – that, simply put is how much I love working here.  

I am glad I’m beginning this chapter of my life with IDP – I couldn’t be happier!”  

Meet Sree Varshini Saravanan, an intern from the IDP Digital Campus – who, outside of work, you will find listening to A R Rahman music and singing in her free time. 

She tells us how it all began for her at IDP: “I found an amazing opportunity to intern

for IDP and I gladly took it. I graduated a few months ago just this year.  

As I began my journey here, the IDP team equipped me with skills in Python, AWS, and more through high quality training. I am able to take on the role of a backend developer and have gained 5 months of experience. I can’t believe I’ve grown from being a student a few months ago to a full-time employee at an organisation. IDP has played a huge part in this. 

What I really find great about working here – is the kind of freedom for us to explore different areas of interest. There is never a day that is dull at IDP – team members exude passion and positive energy.  

And there’s always something fun happening here - like drawing contests, events, and much more to make you smile. It’s amazing to see how hard the IDP team works and how talented they all are at many things outside of work as well. 

I find it unique that the IDP Digital Campus leadership team comprises of five women leaders. They are all inspiring and down to earth – I have so much to learn from all of them!  

Overall, I am proud to be part of an organisation that plays such an impactful role in making people’s global dreams come true. Working here is definitely my dream come true.” 

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