Two male (Sam and Ari) and a female (Lizzy) employees having lunch together.

How IDP has helped me actualise my purpose on a professional and personal level

Ari Maidenberg, Digital Project Manager in the Digital Experience team, reflects on how IDP has helped him actualise on a professional and personal level.

How IDP has helped me actualise my purpose on a professional and personal level

IDP Education
10 January 2022

Very recently, I was asked what my purpose was in life. I had two answers: one, I would like to have made the world a better place when it’s time for me to leave it; and two, to never stop learning. On a personal level, my purpose is being actualised through community involvement, volunteer work, and continuous education.  

Working at IDP for now just over 2 years has allowed me to actualise my purpose on a professional level. Although my job title is Digital Project Manager, I have thus far had many other opportunities to not only manage some exciting projects like building the IDP Live app and creating over 50 IELTS websites for our offices around the world, but also to branch out into other areas, learning from and lending my expertise to the Student Placement Operations Team, the Learning Experience Team, Corporate Communications, and our Digital Campus in Chennai.  

And of course, underlying all this is IDP’s purpose of helping international students achieve their educational goals, an admirable purpose that I never lose sight of.  

What’s more, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to come into the office to see colleagues I look up to, respect, and admire. It's been an absolute honour and delight to work in and amongst such a high performing, highly capable, and highly agile team. 

I look forward to continually learning and growing here, and I couldn’t recommend IDP enough to potential team members. 

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