Is IDP a good company to work for? Here's what our teams say.

"I love how we laugh together, stand up for each other and thank one another for support extended." Read everything our teams have to say about their work life at IDP

Is IDP a good company to work for? Here's what our teams say.

IDP Education
27 July 2022

“Being a great place to work is the difference between a good company and a  great company.”  And IDP India is now celebrating dazzling greatness with our recent Great Place To Work 2022 award! Our teams based out 60+ offices pan India and our Digital Campus in Chennai proudly rejoice being the recipients of the Great Place To Work 2022 award.  

In fact, when we reached out to our IDP India team with the question, “Why do you love working at IDP?” they flooded our inboxes with a ton of love and cheer.  

 In the words of our team, here’s a glimpse of what it’s really like to work at IDP

To feel respected and valued is a rarity in the corporate world and IDP ensures we feel this way. The company culture, work-life balance, unbiased leadership, flexibility and freedom to express ourselves, makes IDP "THE" best place to work and grow with! We love you IDP, YOU have it all!!!” - Sri Janani Roche  

 “IDP is a place where I feel valued. I'm surrounded by colleagues who are just like my family and I have a manager who is the humblest and kindest person I've come across. The organization celebrates us as an integral part of the company. The IDP motto about having its people at the heart of everything it does is really true – we, the people, really are the center of the IDP universe.” - Ruchika Behera 

 “I love how we laugh together, stand up for each other and thank one another for support extended. Pushing myself outside my comfort zone has never been so easy because we are not afraid to fail and get up to then go above and beyond. It's been great, connecting the dots between great people & careers at IDP!” – Kavita Diwaker 

“‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ – As rightly told by Wayne Gretzky, is something I have been ritually practicing throughout my education and career. IDP Education is exactly the platform that pushes me to take up 100% of shots. Therefore, I think IDP is a great place to work.” - Aksheyaa Aswanthy 

“IDP is very considerate of our growth. Regular training sessions are organised to develop ourselves and there are lots of opportunities for us to grow internally.” - Juliet Simeon 

“I believe that a great company is not made of bricks and fancy furniture. A great company is made by great people who do great things. And IDP is such a company. IDP understands people.- Neena Rana 

“IDP ensures all team members have growth opportunities, and my journey with IDP is an example. I started my career as a data analyst in 2007 and have scaled up to head the course data collection and research team.”- Narendra Kumar Pothala 

I love the work life balance, open-door policy, personal development and growth opportunities - being part of the IDP team. What motivates me to keep going even when the going gets tough is knowing my work is meaningful and what we do makes a difference.” - Mary Jency Arunkumar 

“IDP provides everyone the space and freedom to choose our own progression path, without being under a microscope.” - Abhinandan Bajaj 

I love the work environment and culture here. When I joined as a fresher, I was given whatever support, guidance, and motivation I needed to do my work effectively. IDP is a great place to work also because of our amazing leaders.” - Fathima Firdose 

 “Such a great place to work where you are motivated, recognized, appreciated and your overall growth is taken care of. No better place than IDP Education.” - Durgesh Bansal 

IDP - the best second home for working women - a truly great place to work.- Pushpa

“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don't feel valued, neither will your customers. This is what IDP does best, the company makes me feel valued. For every accomplishment/achievement, IDP gives us credit. Every day I go to office, I believe I will add value to the organization since we are recognized and appreciated for all our accomplishments.” - Ankita Kapoor 

“Can hardly find the words to describe the kind of support my team is giving me as a mother to a little one. My job typically requires me to be in office but IDP is understanding of my situation and gives me the flexibility to work from home as much as I need to. Because of this, I am peacefully managing my job and family today. Thanks a ton - I love IDP!” - Meeradevi CG 

IDP encourages us to voice ourselves. It offers a clear and achievable approach to our growth. The work culture provides a very open communication channel with leaders. And to add to all this - it is also a safe workplace and cares about not just us but our families as well and shows us in various ways.” - Shailendra Amin 

“I joined IDP as a Customer Care Executive and I'm now a Product Owner. IDP truly is an organisation that invests in employee growth. Super proud to be working here.” – Antony Paiva 

 “Leaders value all team members. Team members care for each other as much as they do clients. Together, we all work towards a shared vision we care deeply about.” - Nivedhika Pradeepkumar 

“IDP Digital Campus is a great place to work for 3 key reasons. We are agile, and we have a collaborative culture that encourages autonomy. We provide opportunities for learning and growth and reward talent. We have a strong purpose - delivering software solutions that changes people's lives by helping students and test takers achieve global ambitions!! Not sure how many organizations can claim that.” - Amruta Gatade 

 “A few reasons why we love working here: What we do at IDP matters - through our work, we have a positive impact on the lives of countless study abroad aspirants. Our teams comprise some of the best talent to work with in the world. Amazing renumeration and perks. Opportunities for career growth.” – Sumeet Bhat 

“I love working in IDP given the opportunities, learning, and recognition we enjoy here. This is also a place that values our personal space. We are able to maintain a healthy work life balance, which in turn is very important for a happy and productive life and career.” – Sasi Kumar S 

IDP offers a warm and positive work environment. The management is highly motivating, and there is much to learn from colleagues and managers. IDP is not just a customer-centric but an employee-centric organisation. I totally love working in IDP! ”– Shivangi 

“Some reasons why IDP is a great place to work. Good work environment. Great facilities and people. The opportunity to learn many new technologies.” - Kandhan Sivakumaran 

“A great place to work that cares about and supports us while also challenging us to grow with it. Leaders and team members trust and respect each other and have a shared commitment to both individual and company success.” - Nitin Kumar 

“Every morning - I am excited to go to work. My colleagues are like family. Leadership is super supportive. We are recognised and appreciated for our work and it's a fun and healthy workplace place that keeps us motivated always.” -Sujata Singh Shekhawat 

“I always want to work for an organisation that has a positive impact on someone's life, and IDP is one. The opportunities at IDP are enormous if you are ready to take up your next challenge. I’ve been here for 14 years now but every 2 or 3 years have had the opportunity to start something new & challenging. In short, 'a journey of continuous learning'.”- Srikanth Yelakaturu 

“We’ve always known in our hearts that IDP is a great place to work, and now getting recognised and acknowledged by a renowned organisation just spices things up. I’m beaming with pride to be part of an organisation like IDP.” – Prem Pradeep 

 “IDP has this insane ability to help me proudly wield my identity and still makes me part of something greater than myself! It is indeed a great place to work thanks to the many human moments through which it has created an impactful caring community. I love working here because it helps me seamlessly weave my purpose in life to its mission.”- Jaaziel Charishma Ragland 

“IDP gives me the opportunity to look beyond my role and capability, encourages creativity and helps me to learn and grow faster. Leaders are easily approachable. Team members are very knowledgeable, creative, and hard-working.” -Thiagarajan B 

“I believe a great place to work is one where you have pride in what you do, enjoy the people you work with, and have trust in the people you work for. IDP has always lived up to these expectations making it an amazing place to work for. Goes without saying that I love IDP as a workplace given my journey here of close to 10 years!”- Arunambika Thiagarajan 

I absolutely love how we work together as a team at IDP and the respect that we all have for one another. It is fun coming to work with happy people who love where they work and seeing smiles everywhere I turn.” - Bhargavi Kurma 

This, in a nutshell, according to our team - is what working at IDP is all about.   

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