"How IDP helped me grow and reach new heights!"- Mahmoud Abdelaziz

"Maher was a great mentor who taught me the importance of being prepared and on top of my game. He always inspired those around him and encouraged me to strive for excellence, and has greatly influenced my personal and professional growth. "

"How IDP helped me grow and reach new heights!"- Mahmoud Abdelaziz

Mahmoud Abdelaziz
28 February 2023

As the Associate Director of IELTS Operations, he oversees and leads the operational strategy and delivery of IELTS in Saudi Arabia.

"My exciting career journey with IDP began as a student counsellor and continued with me taking on many roles and across various locations, starting from the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia, then Tripoli, Libya. And once again back to Saudi Arabia - where I was first promoted to the Operation Manager role, then the Associate Director for IELTS Operations role. I embraced all opportunities that came my way. All these invaluable experiences have played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today. 

I was and always am surrounded by a supportive team. I have also had the honour of working closely with one of our cherished global leaders who we remember fondly – Maher El Bakry.  

I remember Maher for the incredible leader he was - supportive with an impressive mix of leadership qualities.  

I would like to share one incident deeply etched in my memory. During one of his visits to Saudi Arabia - Maher came to me suddenly for a quick check on performance numbers. I immediately ran to glance through my work diary to pull out the stats. Little did I know that moment would change my approach to work forever. 

This is when Maher shared how important it is to always have important numbers memorized and not just written down on a piece of paper. And he was right! From then, I’ve always kept important figures in mind at all times and even taught my team to do the same. Such a simple way to stay on top of things. 

I’m grateful for all moments I’ve spent with Maher. He was a great mentor who taught me the importance of being prepared and on top of my game. His ability to lead by example and inspire those around him encouraged me to strive for excellence. Maher has greatly influenced my personal and professional growth. 

This is the reason why winning the Maher El Bakry Emerging Leaders Award in the years to come meant so much to me.  

I was ecstatic when I learned I had been chosen as an emerging leader for IDP’s Maher El Bakry Emerging Leaders program. This is IDP’s flagship mentoring initiative that develops team members around the globe which also offers sponsorship for a preferred study course. As a part of the program, I completed my PMP certification – something that really helped me in my line of work. I remember being the very first to complete it in my batch – with much enthusiasm. I was also part of the very first batch of the Maher program’s graduates to emerge in the year 2017. 

The Maher program was a very important phase in my career and my growth trajectory. It fueled me by offering me exposure, support and encouragement – so I could continue to push myself to grow and reach new heights. 

To add to opportunities such as being part of the Maher program, I have also experienced many more that led to my further growth, development, and support. It all fell in place perfectly into my journey. This is one of the reasons why I love every day at IDP. I am always learning something new and being challenged. I have been a part of IDP for nearly 14 years and every day I am driven by the support and encouragement I receive from our leadership and our wonderful teams – as we grow and reach new heights together. 

I would also like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Sabry Shehata for the invaluable mentorship he provided me during my journey at IDP. His guidance and support played a pivotal role in my professional growth and development. And I extend my thanks to Dr. Imad Chaoui and Darrin Vardon for their contributions to my growth at IDP. " - Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Associate Director IELTS Operations

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