Ismete Kroi Malasllani taking selfie with her son.

"Exploring growth and innovation with IDP IELTS." - Ismete Kroi-Malasllani, Manager, IELTS DTU, Canada

Ismete on how she loves helping customers in Canada achieve their global goals with our world-leading English test...

"Exploring growth and innovation with IDP IELTS." - Ismete Kroi-Malasllani, Manager, IELTS DTU, Canada

Ismete Kroi-Malasllani
08 December 2022

“When I first came to Canada from Albania, I was a 15-year-old girl with limited English skills. I still remember studying for tests and doing assignments with a dictionary beside me.  At the time, my goals were to work in the Finance industry which I managed to achieve.  However, my journey continued in working with IDP Education and IELTS. I started working with IDP, as an IELTS Administrator, in May of 2016 when IDP established its first direct testing unit in Canada and currently I am the IELTS Manager for all of our direct testing unit locations throughout Canada.

My favorite part of working with IDP IELTS is growth and innovation. During my time with the company there has been continuous innovation to attend to the needs of the market, which leads to the growth of its team and people.  This has made my time working in IDP more enjoyable and not stagnant.

The six years at IDP have provided me with a lot of personal and professional growth.  In the coming years, I still see myself working with IDP.  I love the growth and opportunity within our company, and I am always up for new challenges.

As part of the IELTS team and also in my personal life, the one value that speaks to me the most is integrity. In IELTS we all share the same concerns and struggles which brings us closer together.  

Also, IELTS team members are always fun to be around. One of the most challenging times we had as a team was during the pandemic, and we came out of it so strong. Everyone on my team was able to adapt to change during the closures and the surge in registrations during the pandemic.  We were able to increase capacity immediately while maintaining the integrity of the test and the safety of our team and test takers.

The best thing about IDP’s culture is, that we focus on people and growth within the company.  We invest in our team members and helping them grow is extremely rewarding.

The one advice I can give to my peers and colleagues is to get to know each other as it will provide for better communication and collaboration. You may also find that your peers have some amazing skills that will provide inspiration to you.” - Ismete Kroi- Malasllani, Manager, IELTS DTU, Canada, IDP

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