The IDP Corporate Responsibility team on shaping a sustainable future

"What you do as an individual matters – whether that is to the environment, to another person or the community, and it’s about doing your best to do the right thing."

The IDP Corporate Responsibility team on shaping a sustainable future

IDP Education
30 March 2023

Making the world a smarter, greener and more equitable place to live in through all the actions we take. This is what sustainability means to us at IDP. 

And here is our Corporate Responsibility Team sharing their passion for sustainability and a peek at what they do at IDP. 


Jo Iberg, Group Manager, Sustainability – IDP 

“What you do as an individual matters – whether that is to the environment, to another person or the community, and it’s about doing your best to do the right thing. This is what sustainability means to me. 

My role at IDP is to embed environmental, social and governance considerations into all that we do. It is also about bringing together all the fantastic work we do as an organisation into one story that tells people who IDP is and what we stand for. 

I have worked as a sustainability professional for over 10 years in many different industries. This role is super interesting because what IDP does has such a profound effect on people’s lives. Ensuring that we can continue to do this for more people in more parts of the world is central to our sustainability approach. 

This year, we have been focused on setting the foundations to build our new sustainability strategy. We will also look to leverage our global network and industry connections to work together on sustainability challenges facing our industry.  

An example of this is IDP joining the CANIE Accord, a first-of-its-kind sector-wide initiative that aims to strengthen and accelerate the international education sector's collective response to climate action. 

As a signatory to the Accord, we're proud to commit to doing our part in contributing to the global challenge.  We're excited to collaborate with others in the sector who share our commitment to responsible stewardship of the planet.

As an organisation, we can and will do our part to tackle global challenges but as a collective, we can do so much more. That’s why becoming part of the CANIE Accord is important to us."

Aman, Corporate Responsibility Lead - IDP 

“Sustainability can never be short term. It is crucial and has to be embedded in our DNA.  

I believe human existence on earth has and is being driven by consuming resources at an accelerating pace. And to me, sustainability is about slowing down this resource consumption pace and driving change to help both the planet and Team IDP. The sheer thought of being able to create a valuable positive impact on the planet drives me. 

At IDP, I am the gatekeeper for carbon reporting and responsible for developing a global emissions reduction plan to improve our environmental impact. I also work closely with the Group Manager Sustainability to support across other sustainability areas of work. 

I’ve been with IDP for over 4 years now and I am a recipient of IDP’s flagship mentoring program, the Maher El Bakry Emerging Leaders Award.  My passion for sustainability led me to my current role.  

With every piece of work we do, we, at Team IDP, really think about what impact we could have on the environment, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the international education ecosystem.” 


Nicole Lam, People Experience Specialist - IDP 

“Sustainability to me is about the possibility of making an impact on the way people feel and the way they treat others. 

It also means that things stick and stay for the long run. So, when we implement changes, we want the change to stick and be meaningful. When we talk about environment, inclusion, equity and community issues on a small scale to a large scale, i.e. from our homes to our globe, we aim to be here for good and for the long term. As things change around us, we need to constantly change our practices and thinking to stay sustainable. 

I’m in the IDP Global People Experience Team and provide support to our teams on diversity, inclusion and community initiatives. In my role, I truly enjoy connecting with team members from around the globe, getting to know them as unique humans – and all of the wonderful conversations, learnings, and relationships I have with them. 

I encourage everyone to be curious, ask questions, and learn about other people. Join local network groups that expand your thinking and be open to discussing and learning about other perspectives.” 

Thanks team on sharing with us your take on sustainability and your stories. We are inspired by your passion to make a difference.  

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