"What a phenomenal journey it's been with IDP!" Nanditha Nagaswamy

"One of the things I love most about Team IDP is how we are large enough to be able to create a global impact, but compact enough to foster a culture of caring, learning, and growing together. Truly the best of both worlds."

"What a phenomenal journey it's been with IDP!" Nanditha Nagaswamy

Nanditha Nagaswamy
15 February 2023

As the PX Director, Nanditha oversees recruitment, onboarding, employee satisfaction and professional development at the IDP Digital Campus

"If I had to describe my career journey with IDP in one word, it would be – 'phenomenal’. I can't help but feel immensely grateful for the incredible experiences I’ve had and growth I've enjoyed. 

My IDP story began in 2009 as an HR manager (of Hotcourses India, which was acquired by IDP in 2017). I have been one of the few privileged to see a merger and acquisition in my career span. Being a part of a merger and acquisition process was an education in itself. I value what I learned from the experience.  

After the acquisition, came the fantastic opportunity to be the Director of People Experience for the IDP Digital Campus – where I now oversee and manage recruitment, onboarding, employee satisfaction, engagement, and professional development. I work closely with our regional and global leaders to align our PX efforts and initiatives with overall business strategy.  

We are always looking for ways to provide our teams a positive, supportive work environment. We also focus on being a diverse and inclusive workplace through everything we do. IDP has joined HESTA’s 40:40 vision campaign as a commitment towards building gender-balanced executive teams. And the IDP Digital Campus, for example, is headed by an all-women leadership team – and enjoys a well-balanced gender ratio across all roles. We strive for equality and no bias – regionally and globally. We are dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone belongs. 

One of the things I love most about Team IDP is how we are large enough to be able to create a global impact, but compact enough to foster a culture of caring, learning, and growing together. Though we are a global organisation spanning many regions across the world, there is still scope for visibility and recognition for say - someone like me working out of the Digital Campus in Chennai. Truly the best of both worlds. 

To add to this, our global leaders give us the opportunity for regular connects despite their busy schedules - making it a point to share important company updates with us and helping all team members understand the company vision and strategy as we grow. This has helped propel us forward even in times of adversity like the pandemic. It was incredible how well we were able to adapt and stay unwaveringly committed towards our goals because of their continued support and clarity. 

Even during other times of redundancies, team members were given the opportunity to move into different teams based on their strengths. So that they were able to continue to grow into different roles with us. 

Through the good and uncertain times we’ve faced over the years, it’s wonderful how there have always been plenty of opportunities for growth and development. From content writer to director, developers to heads, to team members transitioning into different roles they are passionate about, and those relocating to different countries around the world - there are countless success stories of incredible personal and professional growth I have seen, stemming from the Digital Campus. 

And with growth, always comes change. Change is a constant in any organization, and at IDP, we ensure to support our team members with the best possible resources. Whether it's through workshops with a leadership coach for change, development activities for team members, or unconscious bias training for our people managers, we believe in empowering our team members by giving them every possible tool to be successful. 

One of our many achievements this past year at the IDP Digital Campus has been the successful roll-out and implementation of the Target Operating Model (TOM), which successfully brought two teams together as one united unit. This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every team member in the IDP Digital Campus. 

We are also deeply committed to recognising and celebrating the achievements of our team members. At the IDP Digital Campus, for example - we have our Rewards & Recognition program, tenure certifications, People Choice Awards, and many more ways to celebrate our people.  To help our people really find their shine, we also offer our teams platforms to showcase their work, through regular connects and meetings with global leaders. There are also opportunities for face-to-face conferences and meetings where teams can network and share their best work on a global stage with our leaders. 

Overall, we, at Team IDP, are a team driven by a passion for what we do, and a belief in the importance of independence, accountability, and a consultative approach in everything we do. This is what keeps us happy and fulfilled in our work, and I'm proud to be a part of this amazing team - filled with so many inspiring leaders and team members to learn from and celebrate.  

Personally, in my journey, there are a few people I look up to - who serve as sources of motivation for me. The kind of trust and belief they have in me drives me to go the extra mile. Among these... 

  • Is our esteemed Chief People Officer, Georgia Murphy. I deeply value the professional relationship we share and it brings me great comfort to know that I have a leader who supports and has my best interests at heart.  

  • Are my fellow Digital Campus leaders, who always stand by me and by each other to carry the responsibility of doing what is best for IDP in everything we do. 

  • And my team, a group of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals working hard to achieve our goals.  

This is what makes going to work every day an absolute delight! I look forward to more fulfilling and amazing times together with Team IDP as we grow and expand.  

If you would also like to be part of the IDP story, have a look through some of our opportunities and join us on our exciting chapters ahead." - Nanditha Nagaswamy, Director PX, IDP Digital Campus, Chennai