"From Student Counsellor to SP Office and SES Manager! Ten incredible years at IDP" - Vantak Chheang

Vantak Chheang
15 May 2023

As a Student Placement and SES manager, Vantak Chheang coaches and leads his team to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Almost ten years at IDP and each year has always been better than the last. I am immensely proud to be working in an organization where my voice and opinions matter. The work culture here is friendly, highly inclusive and people centric. I can be who I am at work and express thoughts and concerns about things that matter, without having to think twice. 

When my journey began at IDP, I started working as a Study Abroad Counsellor, then a Senior Counsellor, later a Lead Counsellor and now working as a SES manager. The plentiful opportunities I’ve gotten at IDP to work in diverse and challenging projects have helped me learn, develop, grow, and enhance my leadership skills and capabilities. 

People centricity is a core principal/factor in IDP’s organizational DNA. Here, one is always encouraged to learn from their mistakes and pivot that experience into opportunities that help them grow and thrive. Everyone here at IDP is incredibly supportive, kind, and thoughtful, and no one really thinks twice to lend a helping hand, which is why IDP is undoubtedly a great place to work. 

I believe that every team member’s contribution has an important and huge role to play in an organization’s development and growth. I strongly believe that teamwork is of utmost importance to an organization’s continuous success. As a manager, I do my best to provide all the support that my team members require for them to be able to bring their best selves to work and enable them to flourish in their career journey. I also love that my role enables me to support students, ensuring that they are guided properly. Witnessing students taking their first steps towards achieving their global ambitions, being part of their dream journey and seeing millions of dreams come true feels so gratifying. 

It feels great to look back and see what an amazing journey this has been to become part of the management team with countless enriching experiences. I would say some of that involves the opportunities/ideas that are given and received amongst the team members. As one of the leaders in Cambodia, I've had some fabulous experiences which include the fortunate opportunity of mentoring an enthusiastic team, motivating all our team members to go the extra mile enabling us to achieve our goals together as a team, and to actually have a real team spirit. In average, the team has at least been with us for 5 years and counting and this really means something without a detail explanation.  

Fun Fact about me: I love travelling, exploring, and undertaking adventurous travel activities. I enjoy sky diving. In fact, I gifted myself a sky diving experience in New Zealand for my birthday. I have travelled to 35 countries thus far and I’m looking forward to ticking off more experiences in my travel bucket list. “- Vantak Chheang, Student Placement Office and SES Manager, at ACE (Australian Centre for Education) Toul Tom Poung Campus in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.