The IDP Digital Campus Chennai Wins Blindwink’s ‘Best Tech Partner in Overseas Education Award’!

IDP Education
28 September 2022

We’re thrilled that IDP’s Digital Campus, Chennai has won the “Best Technology Partner in Overseas Education” award offered by Blindwink - India’s Best Market Research Company that recognises organisations for the kind of excellence, determination and consistency that makes them stand out in the market. 

Given that the Digital Campus plays a key role in helping translate the vision and dream of IDP’s business using technology through its agile work culture and wide-ranging digital skills, this award is a major step for IDP in gaining recognition as an organisation for our tech capability, in addition to being world renowned for IELTS and international student placements.  Here are a few ways this award now increases the reach and visibility of our tech arm. We will now enjoy: 

  • A shiny trophy & certificate we can proudly showcase 

  • Press release in over 100 websites such as Google News, ZEE 5, The WEEK, Outlook, Business Standard, Hindustan Times, The print, ANI, PTI, and more. 

  • Articles in regional magazines 

  • Interviews on magazines and Blindwink’s social 

The award, however, comes as no surprise as the Digital Campus has always been an industry-leading platform that has constantly produced innovative products with out of the box technologies. A recent example of a ground-breaking digital product & service is IDP Fastlane, a game changer for international university applicants. 

We look forward to delivering many more strategic products through our talented team of experts and sharing many more wins with you in the near future. 

To add to this – the Digital Campus is an IT arm led entirely by a team of 5 women leaders overseeing various functions. This is just another example of how inclusive IDP is, always providing equal opportunities for everyone as part of its diverse culture. 

Want to join our growing team and grow with us on our inspiring tech journey at the IDP Digital Campus Chennai? Get started with a look here



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