Changes to IELTS Academic test requirements give test takers greater access to Canadian study opportunities

IDP Education
11 August 2023

Changes introduced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to their Student Direct Stream (SDS) English language test requirements will give IELTS Academic test takers from 13 countries greater opportunity to pursue their Canadian study dreams. 

IELTS Academic test takers will now be considered on their overall English language proficiency rather than their individual skills in Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening when applying for their study permit through the SDS.  

The changes - which came into effect on 10 August - mean test takers who completed the IELTS Academic test within the past two years and did not achieve an individual band score of 6.0 in each skill can now apply to study under the SDS in Canada if they achieved an overall Academic band score of 6.0 and meet the other criteria needed for the study permit.

Warwick Freeland, Managing Director – IELTS, IDP Education, said these changes would be significant for upcoming test takers, as well as past test takers who did not achieve the required score in each skill. 

“IELTS Academic test takers will now be able to approach their test with greater confidence that each of their strengths will be reflected in their overall English proficiency score,” Mr Freeland said. 

“We know these changes will open doors for many test takers who have dreams of studying in Canada, and we are looking forward to supporting them as they embark on the next stage of their study journey.” 

The changes came into effect for applications made from 10 August 2023. Test takers looking to assess their eligibility can do so via:


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