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IDP celebrates community achievement

New IDP award celebrates the extraordinary ways IDP teams support each other, our customers and our communities.

IDP celebrates community achievement

IDP Education
27 January 2022

Fundraising activities to help students who couldn’t return home due to COVID-19, Ramadan volunteer food drives and a cross-country collaboration to source face masks were just three of the initiatives recognised by IDP’s inaugural Community Endeavour Award for global excellence. 

The Community Endeavour Award is a key element of IDP’s ambitious corporate responsibility framework. 

Georgia Murphy, Head of People Experience at IDP, said the award, and the other related corporate responsibility initiatives, are helping to shine a light on the extraordinary people in IDP who change the lives of their customers and wider communities. 

“As a pioneer of international education, IDP has always sought to improve the lives of people around the world,” Ms Murphy said. 

“Every day, our 6,000 team members provide services that give people the skills and opportunities to achieve their lifelong learning and career goals. 

“However, we know there is more we can do to address critical social and environmental issues,” she said. 

“The Community Endeavour Award is one of twelve initiatives we introduced last year to guide how we work collectively across our network of offices to make the world a more cohesive and sustainable place to live,” Ms Murphy concluded. 

To help scale initiatives across IDP’s network of offices and testing centres, the team members recognised as part of the Community Endeavour award will showcase their activities as part of a best practice learning model. 

About the Community Endeavour Award

IDP’s Community Endeavour Award recognises teams or individuals who make an outstanding contribution to the development of their community through supporting local initiatives, fundraising and advocacy. 

About IDP's Corporate Responsibility Framework

IDP has implemented a Sustainable Futures framework to guide IDP's corporate Responsibility focus. The framework is based upon the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, with a strategic focus on three goals - Quality Education, Gender Equality and Climate Action. 

The framework covers a range of strategic and tactical initiatives that our teams around the world contribute to, aligned with a strategic approach to key environmental, social and governance criteria.  

At its core, our framework engages our people, incorporating their aspirations into global and local programs of work to minimise environmental impact, contribute to the growth and development of society, and create a more balanced, educated and equitable world for all.  

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