IDP gives international students greater access to life-changing scholarships

IDP Education
24 November 2022

IDP, the global leader in international education services, has proudly launched a search feature that will easily connect international students with life-changing scholarships.

Housed on IDP’s websites and IDP Live app, the scholarship search function enables prospective students to review more than 5,200 scholarships from institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Neil Pearson, IDP’s Chief Digital Officer, said access to scholarships enables more people to pursue their global education goals. 

“We know from our Emerging Futures research that almost half of IDP’s prospective international students said scholarships would assist their study abroad journey,” Mr Pearson said.

“Prior to this launch, it was difficult to understand the full range of scholarships on offer, meaning some brilliant people may have missed their opportunity to study overseas.

“The world needs big thinkers. We need people with goals to make the world a better, smarter and more connected space. This search feature allows prospective students to easily search for scholarships and realise their full potential.”   

Mr Pearson said the new scholarship search function demonstrates IDP’s goal of enhancing its trusted services through global technology. 

“IDP’s network of counsellors have always been experts on scholarships, however we have now extracted that knowledge and made it available to more people online,” Mr Pearson said. 

With a 50-year heritage, IDP has helped thousands of students access international education scholarships. 

Prabesh Bajracharya personally understands how life changing this support can be, after receiving one of IDP Nepal's Merit Scholarships in 2019. Having completed his master’s degree in Australia, Prabesh has now started a business in the cleaning industry and is now looking to further expand his entrepreneurial footprint in the food industry, while also giving back to his community.

Prabesh said his scholarship abroad has directly helped his career, but also his ability to support those around him.

“I could not have started my own business so easily if I didn’t have this much of freedom that comes with studying and living abroad.”

“I am now better engaged with many community activities through my business, as well as Nepalese communities in Australia and local multicultural communities.

“As a Buddhist I have always believed in giving back to the community, and now I have more channels for this by helping international students, being a regular blood and plasma donor, working close with local charities, and working closely with community organisations.

“For me, this ability to impact others is the biggest one,” he said. 

Neil Pearson hoped IDP’s new search feature would help more students like Prabesh turn their study abroad dreams into realities, all around the world. “Prabesh’s story demonstrates that with someone in your corner supporting your international education journey, ambitious students can make real, positive change in our global communities,” he said.

Prospective students can view the criteria and value of all scholarships with IDP’s search function. This will help students chart their international journey and achieve their global ambitions, like Prabesh. Any students interested in exploring their scholarship options are encouraged to visit


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