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Introducing IELTS Prepare

IDP is proud to announce the launch of IELTS Prepare – a one-stop-shop for all official IDP IELTS preparation materials.

Introducing IELTS Prepare

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27 January 2022

IDP is proud to announce the launch of IELTS Prepare – a one-stop-shop for all official IDP IELTS preparation materials.

At IDP, we are always looking to help test takers get their best IELTS score so they can achieve their study, work and migration goals. As part of this, we conducted a survey asking our test takers what their priority of needs were when taking IELTS. The overwhelming response was that test takers were looking for “easy access to official preparation materials”. 

With this answer in mind, we’ve created IELTS Prepare – a one-stop-shop for all official IDP IELTS preparation materials. 

In this new hub, IELTS test takers will be able to access all the resources they need in one place. From articles, videos and webinars to expert assessments, online courses and practice tests, there's learning content on IELTS Prepare for every type of preparation. 

User friendly

One of the key features of the IELTS Prepare is its user-friendly filtering system. As IELTS is a high-stakes test with four very different sections, some people excel in writing, but struggle in speaking, whereas others may wish to focus on their reading or listening skills. The filtering selection on the home page allows test takers to filter the content based on their needs and skill level. 

For new test takers, IELTS Prepare is simply a place to start their IELTS preparation journey. 

When a test taker enters IELTS Prepare, there are prompts to help them understand what type of content they are looking for, the particular band score they are after and what type of content they are looking to use to prepare. 

Each filter has been designed based on common search terms from test takers and using the recognised official IELTS terminology, so they immediately know how and what they need to select. 


Following on from the successful launch of Ask IDP – a content series where universities and alumni share videos responding to common international student queries – IDP has launched Ask IELTS. 

Hosted on IELTS Prepare, Ask IELTS videos feature tips and advice from IELTS ambassadors, experts and test takers. 

As more #AskIELTS questions get answered, new videos will be uploaded, keeping IELTS Prepare content relevant and up to date for test takers. 

It’s free

The majority of IELTS Prepare is free for all test takers. IDP wants to ensure test takers have access to the materials they need to get the right score for your desired study, work or migration goals. 

Premium courses available too

There is a smaller set of extension of materials which can be paid for, depending on the type of resource required. Test takers can filter for free or paid resources to suit their needs through the user-friendly filtering system. 

When will it be available?

IELTS Prepare is now live! Test takers can access it at

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