New migration partnership launches to support international students in Canada

IDP Education
16 February 2023

IDP Education has announced a new partnership that will help international students in Canada gain access to trusted and licensed immigration advice.  

The service, delivered by leading immigration consultants and lawyers, VisaPlace and WooW Canada Immigration, will help students understand requirements and prepare applications for permanent residency and other visa categories.  

Robert Raposo, Area Director, Canada and Latin America at IDP, said the new service is launching in response to international student feedback and the need for trusted, qualified advisors.  

“International students have told us they aspire to call Canada their home but were looking for qualified people they could trust to navigate the migration process,” Mr.Raposo said.  

“Many students were worried about how to correctly navigate the process, which added to their anxiety as they undertook this life-changing journey. 

The consultants and lawyers we partnered with in this new service, VisaPlace and WooW Canada Migration, are highly trusted expert organisations.  

VisaPlace and WooWCanada Immigration will also present free webinars and briefings so our customers can fully understand the immigration process and take their next steps with confidence and clarity,” Mr. Raposo added. 

The new service comes as Canada’s attractiveness as a study destination continues to grow.  

According to Emerging Futures 2 research released by IDP Connect in October 2022, Canada is the most popular destination for international students. 

“All around the world, IDP students choose to study in Canada for its quality of education, favourable employment outcomes and welcoming policies,” Mr. Raposo said.  

“Our role at IDP is to help students thrive in their education journey, so they are well connected to their new community and can become global ambassadors for both their home country and Canada,” he said.  

The immigration service is now available through offices in Toronto, Vaughan and Vancouver, and Canada-wide through online consultations. This new service complements IDP Canada’s current local education counselling and extends the support IDP offers to students once they arrive in Canada. 

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Visaplace has been helping students and their families from all over the world with their immigration needs for the past 25 years. Winner of numerous awards and featured on many news outlets, they are proud of their history in helping international students in their journey towards obtaining visas and immigration to Canada and the USA. Using the latest technology, all of their cases are expertly handled by trained and experienced immigration professionals who work to provide the best and most efficient immigration services available.  Their “one stop shop” makes it easy to provide accurate and easily understandable information and guidance for every type of immigration service. 


About WooW: 

Since 2012, WooW Canada Immigration has been on a mission to help their clients succeed in Canada through long-lasting relationships, helping each client at every step of their immigration journey, from visa applications to applying for permanent residency. WooW’s clients have found success thanks to its unique approach that combines credentials assessment with personalised immigration solutions road mapping to deliver a customised strategy to meet each individual customer’s goals. Further benefiting its clients is Woow’s dedication to professional development, ensuring its agents are fully knowledgeable of the latest in their field, boosting the likelihood of a positive application outcome for their clients. All this, coupled with their relentless drive to fight for their clients has made WooW a Top Choice™ immigration consulting firm award winner.