A casual photograph of Yamini Paranirajan, Senior Content Coordinator at IDP.

"My pursuit of a passionate career at IDP!" - Yamini Paranirajan - Lead Content Management

"My realization of the power of digital marketing, coupled with my passion for writing content that drives engagement has helped me embark upon a new phase in my career. " - Yamini Paranirajan

"My pursuit of a passionate career at IDP!" - Yamini Paranirajan - Lead Content Management

Yamini Paranirajan
16 November 2022

"As a Lead - Digital Content Management, I am part of the 'Digital Experience' team that delivers diversified digital products to help customers achieve their study, career and migration goals. I am glad to play a significant role in impacting the lives of millions of students by enabling them to take their first step towards success.

I started my journey with IDP as a Content Administrator at the Digital Campus, Chennai in 2019. I started expanding my horizons at every possible opportunity and gained experience in website content management by learning new tools.

I was, then, promoted to Senior Content Coordinator in 2021, where I effectively collaborated with teams from over 50 countries in transforming their digital landscape. In addition, I was responsible for executing content strategies to drive organic growth and engagement.

Recently this year, I was again promoted as a Lead - Digital Content Management where I am now also handling additional digital migration projects and my team is growing!

One of the many things that enthuses me about working at IDP is the fact that we value our people and recognize their talent. I have always been passionate about writing engaging content and have demonstrated the same in my post-graduation days. Unfortunately, content writing took a back seat and I had built my career as a content manager.

However, stepping into IDP opened doors to several occasions to exhibit my knack for writing. I seized every one of them, and I have been drafting technical documents, newsletters and blogs ever since.

I am lucky for having had the chance to pursue my passion, which has also become a part and parcel of my profession.

So, what do I love about working at IDP? Despite coming on board during the pandemic, I have worked with remarkable and highly talented people from across the globe. Meaningful interactions and exchange of knowledge with every one of them was a learning ground for me to approach problems from diverse perspectives. It gives me the confidence to deal with tough situations and rise to the challenge.

Moreover, the IDP Digital Campus is an aesthetically pleasing workspace, which paves way for creative ideas and innovation. I love the greenery at major locations within the office and little plants at every desk. It makes for a tranquil environment and affirms IDP’s commitment towards building a sustainable future.

Are you wondering what career growth and professional development at IDP look like? My appreciation for IDP’s culture and vision for career progress started way before I landed the job. Even though I applied for a different role, the recruitment team evaluated my work history and encouraged me to apply for a role that they deemed fit for me. Periodical trainings and personal development programs were provided, which helped me unearth and showcase both my managerial skills and professional skills at work.

Unleashing the capabilities of people by providing a nurturing environment and recognizing their talent, is what makes IDP one of the best places to work at.

Are you ready to give wings to your dreams with IDP? Start here. " - Yamini Paranirajan, Lead - Digital Content Management

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