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Gender Equality


IDP is committed to inclusive leadership. As a proud signatory to the 40:40 Vision, we are committed to improving the representation of women in leadership and achieving gender equality by 2030.

Today, 63% of our global workforce are women, giving us a strong pool of talented women to develop for future opportunities across all areas of our business.

4 streams: Board, CEO-1, CEO-2, CEO-3


As a fast growing organisation, we have over the past five years, developed a strong policy framework to set clear guidelines and provide the foundation for our diversity and inclusion programs globally. Our Board of Directors consider and approve the measurable objectives set annually, and through these objectives we have introduced a number of key initiatives:

  • Gender diversity in the shortlisting of applicants for our most senior leadership roles (111 roles).

  • Global rollout of unconscious bias training, targeted to our hiring managers and People Experience professionals

  • Pilot program to appoint women team members to our subsidiary boards and provide expert mentorship.

Whilst we have made solid progress, we remain ambitious to meet the 40:40 Vision across our global business.


In line with our pledge, we have set ourselves measurable targets across our Board and senior leadership teams for CEO-1, 2 and 3 level roles by 2030. We aspire for gender balance in our:

  • Board of Directors by December 2023

  • Global Leadership Team (CEO-1) by 2027

  • Senior leaders (CEO-2 and 3) by 2030

To further accelerate the representation of women in our most senior leadership teams, we are working to:

  • Achieve gender balanced recruitment practices: ensuring women are equally shortlisted and interviewed for all senior leadership positions, by a gender balanced interview panel.

  • Provide dedicated leadership coaching and succession planning: enhancing our women leaders through workforce development and retention, targeted coaching and development, and support materials to grow their career.

  • Establish strong mentoring and support networks: developing individual development plans and providing mentorships for women to elevate their career trajectory.

  • Establish a formal global Diversity & Inclusion Committee: a representative committee to review, report and elevate diversity.

  • Strengthen our employment brand: broadening and improving employment branding and messaging to include and engage diverse audiences across social and digital media channels.

  • Be a leader in workplace gender equality: becoming a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) pay equity ambassador, striving to close the gender pay gap.


As we continue to build workplaces that are truly diverse and representative of the communities that we work in, we are focused on continuing to build a culture of inclusion and belonging by providing a safe work environment where all our people are encouraged to excel, be agile and creative, and seek new ways to solve meaningful problems.