IDP Live reaches one million downloads in one year

IDP Education
03 October 2022

App that connects students with global study opportunities in strong demand around the world 

Twelve months on from launch, more than one million people have downloaded IDP’s app which helps students connect to global opportunities.  

IDP Live empowers students to kickstart their international education journey with tools including live chat with expert counsellors, university course search and IDP’s groundbreaking FastLane service, which not only matches students to courses but also speeds up university application processes and greatly reduces paperwork.      

Neil Pearson, IDP Chief Digital Officer, said reaching one million downloads across Android, IOS and WeChat is an astonishing achievement that reflects the real value of IDP Live to students around the world. 

“One million downloads is significant because it means IDP Live has already transformed the international education landscape for a generation of students,” Mr Pearson said. 

“When we launched IDP Live in 2021 we wanted to revolutionise the way students achieve their study goals utilising technology. IDP Live enables our students to receive quicker, personalised and more transparent information about their study options. 

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve added new features and strengthened the app to ensure it continues to enhance students’ personal connections to their IDP counsellors while enabling us to deliver global success to more students and partners. 

To ensure IDP continued to evolve the app and deliver outcomes for students, the team delivered a comprehensive co-design process with its customers.   

“Through our customer research, we found that students who use the IDP Live app have a net promotor score seven points higher than those who do not have the app installed,” Mr Pearson said.   

“This tells us the app is clearly making our students’ lives easier ahead of them embarking on the monumental journey of studying overseas. 

“Our next challenge is to place IDP Live in the hands of even more students so that we can help their dreams become reality too.” 

Since its launch, IDP’s FastLane service and Document Management feature have been added to IDP Live, allowing students to receive an offer in-principle which can speed up their formal application process by up to six times faster than standard applications, and making it easier for students to prepare their study abroad paperwork and store it in a secure location. 

“It’s really exciting to be at the forefront of something that has never been done in international education,” Mr Pearson said.  

“IDP has spent 50 years building a global network of trusted relationships with our students and institutions. When you layer world-leading digital capabilities, like IDP Live, on top, you now have a new model for student placement.” 

The app is rated 4.5 stars on the App Store, with reviewers like Ankita Das explaining how the IDP Live helped her to achieve her global study dreams.   

“I thought I would have to abandon my dream of studying abroad in these difficult times. But thanks to the IDP app, the colleges of my dreams have already accepted my application,” Ms Das said. 

Students in regions where IDP has counselling offices can download the IDP Live app free from their smartphone’s App Store and begin searching, applying and preparing for their dream study experiences now. Learn more here: